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HMRC: RTI launched as planned despite strikes and IT maintenance 

HMRC says that more than 70,000PAYE returns have been submitted using Real Time Information (RTI) since April 6 and that union strike action and routine IT maintenance work has had no effect on the launch.

An HMRC spokesman said that the initial stage of the RTI roll out was progressing well despite strike action launched to disrupt it taking place this week

“The RTI release formed part of HMRC’s routine annual IT release and maintenance, and as usual we have gradually restored our online services as planned,” he said.

“The controlled go-live for RTI will continue for the next two weeks. During this period we will carefully manage information through the system whilst we complete our post go-live system checks, to ensure that the system is returning expected responses. During the controlled go-live, other responses may take longer than will be expected during business as usual.

“The industrial action will have no effect on the introduction of RTI, which was launched as planned on 6th April.”

Employers must report PAYE in real time from their first pay day on or after April 6 each time they pay their employees, rather than yearly.

Ruth Owen, HMRC’s director general personal tax, said: “RTI is the biggest change to PAYE in 70 years and it is great news that so many employers have started to report PAYE in real time.

“But we are under no illusions – we know that it will take time before every employer in the country is using RTI. We appreciate that some employers might be daunted by the change"

Posted by Gary Wilson Wednesday, April 10, 2013 12:50:00 PM Categories: News
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